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Mobile Home Service & Repair

"A job well done... Highly Recommend your Company"
 At KING SERVICES,  we are proud to be a Premier Provider of 
Mobile Home Services for the South East Michigan Area.
King Services recently has received many calls of concern 
regarding this Culprit named ... Skirting!

Unfortunately, because of the frequent changes in Michigan's weather, skirting has the tendency to buckle, gap open and often result in missing skirting. This is not what any homeowner desires. No Indeed!!!

When this occurs, often times so do other unwelcomed incidences... More times than not animals & rodents find safe residence under the home. This occurance can wreak havoc in and under your home. Resulting in an increase in utility bills, damage from the outside elements, damage to insulation, heat tape and duct work... Consequently all of this is a result of a loose or missing piece of Skirting. Therefore, my friend be sure that your skirting is buttoned up tight to protect you and your home from any undue harm.

Call "586.855.1813" TODAY if we've helped you find your Culprit!!!  
KING can Help!!! 
Remember... "We do the job like it's our own home"

"Voted the #1 company
 in the area. 
Better than I expected...  
Very Prompt."
"King Services exceeded our expectations in their  customer service, labor & honesty.
We were very happy with the job. Great to find such a dependable Company such as King."
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